© Hutchison Machining, LLC
821 Crystal Ave. Denton, MD 21629

We custom fabricate many types of metal or plastic parts and
pieces. We are capable of doing local and nationwide work. Since
opening our doors in 2005, We have been doing great work for our
many customers. We recently have expanded our own line of
custom metal pieces. Our shop has 17,000 square feet of working
space. We have CNC mills, CNC lathe, wire edm, ram edm, and
manual mills and lathes.

Hutchison Machining is run by two brothers that have over 15 years
of machining experience. We also offer drop shipping of parts that
are made. With our CNC machines and Master Cam X5
programming we have the capability to make precision parts.
Welcome to Hutchison Machining
Hutchison Machining, LLC. is a family owned machining and manufacturing shop located in the lush farmland of
Denton, Maryland. We are located just off of 404.
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